So, you have a SCADA Implementation project, want to succeed?

James (Jim) Haw PE, PMP, CMRP, and VP of Operations at SURGE Engineering will present a webinar about the process of successful planning when embarking on a SCADA software replacement project. Several factors must be considered to ensure success. Among these are:

  • What SCADA software should be utilized? Should the same software company be used via a version upgrade, or should a new provider be selected? Should a “homegrown” solution be considered?
  • What should the project team look like? Should incumbent resources be utilized, or should an outside service provider be contracted to perform the upgrade/migration? What incumbent resources should be used regardless?
  • What technical rules should be established with respect to the integration/migration? Should proprietary scripting be allowed? What about bulk instantiation methodologies? What about the existing infrastructure? Will changes in functionality be permitted during the integration/migration? How will the current management of change be managed during the integration/migration?
  • What type of graphics should be built? Should you stay with the old or upgrade to more high-performance graphics? Will improvements to existing abnormal situation management be made?

These are just a few of the aspects that must be considered during the project’s planning phase. Jim will explore these issues in detail and offer some real-life examples of why these issues can be critical to any SCADA project’s success.

Click below to register and join us Thursday, December 17th!


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