20 Years

In Process Automation

Our reputation is built on ALWAYS solving the most challenging problems and delivering the highest level of system performance.

Industrial automation is all about utilizing technology to efficiently produce manufactured goods while enabling business leaders to make real-time decisions that positively impact the company’s bottom line. Our professional team is experienced in delivering high-quality projects, on-time, and within budget. We offer automation solutions, including; design, procurement, and execution of customized projects. Our clients trust us with: PLC, HMI, BPCS, DCS, ESD, SIS, SCADA, ICS, system-wide life cycle analysis, software upgrade deployment, and many others.

Surge Engineering serves a wide range of industries. We work to develop solutions around automation and control that improve quality and operational efficiency, reducing process variability and upsets, and improving the flexibility of operations in Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Water & Wastewater, and Critical Government Infrastructure.

Maximizing Productivity

Automation allows manufacturers to focus their efforts on their
business’s creative aspects, such as innovation and market growth. It will enable them to expand their technical reach by turning routine processes into highly efficient, automated processes. The key is to focus efforts and resources where there is the most significant impact and leave the
rest to the automation system.

Reduce Production Costs

Automation allows operators to minimize process variability so that
control can be achieved around very narrow manufacturing setpoints. Reduction of cost by eliminating variability is one of the primary initiatives around an effective automation system design. Trust only the most experienced and qualified automation professionals at Surge Engineering to deliver this level of system optimization.

Developing Flexibility

Automating aspects of your ongoing industrial efforts mean
you’re serious about producing quality as a matter of system design.
A carefully designed automation system delivers maximum process flexibility so that you can focus on maximizing the production of the most valuable mix of compounds produced by your process. Faster and more accurate operations give you space to invest in higher-value aspects of your business. That means more opportunity, reduced costs, and
higher quality production.

What Makes Surge Different

Our engineers endeavor to understand the finer details of your particular process. We look for ways to increase system flexibility and performance, giving you the best overall value. With over 20 years of experience in automation and industrial control development, our engineers have significant experience deploying the most advanced automation systems within the markets we serve on both the engineering and owner sides of the business.

Automation & Control

Automation solutions
for standard industrial processes,
Increase ROI on installed automation by eliminating variability, tightening process controls, and increasing operational efficiency.
Simple or complex integration allows for a custom level of automation based on your facility's needs and business targets.

Industry Specific Solutions

We work with industries to develop solutions for challenges specific to the market segment, not by delivering a ``one-size-fits-all`` solution that is difficult to integrate into existing plant assets.
Opportunities to add value to industry operations
by auditing, automating, and providing consulting as industries transition into the future.

SURGE Rescue®

SURGE Rescue®* is an emergency field-service-support model that Surge Engineering provides to customers with urgent and immediate needs in the Instrumentation & Electrical, Controls & Automations, Safety Instrumented Systems, and Cybersecurity of plant operations. These services are available for any client or potential client of Surge Engineering.

Information about the client and the nature of the problem is collected and dispatched to one of our service professionals. Who will then contact the client to communicate the time required to arrive onsite to perform work as described.

Upon satisfactorily completing emergency work, the service representative will present a signoff sheet describing the scope of work and the amount of time required to complete the project. Surge Engineering will present and invoice to the client for the services performed.

At Surge, we are committed to providing services that get our client’s plant operations back up and running. You can rest easy knowing that unplanned events can be handled promptly by our SURGE Rescue® team.

Industry Sectors Served

Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals

Power Generation

Water & Wastewater

Critical Government Infrastructure

Automation engineering

The Government Industry

SURGE can provide engineering design and services to meet the requirements of government contracts.

Industrial Wastewater

The automation of water treatment plants has now become a necessity. SURGE can help you improve operation conditions, plant performance, and operational safety.

The Power Industry

The electric power industry covers the generation, transmission, and distribution and sale of electric power to the general public and industry. From auditing power systems to automating processes, let SURGE add value to your operation.

The Oil and Gas Industry

SURGE Engineering prides itself in its deep knowledge and domain expertise in the oil and gas industry. This includes pipeline and gas processing, petrochemicals and refining, as well as upstream onshore and offshore applications.